Craftsmanship & Design

Each Orsini jewelry creation comes from a long process and from the work of a team of specia-lized artisan goldsmiths. The master craftsmen give their personal contribution to each piece through design and handicraft. Each jewel is constantly shaped like a work of sculpture. At first the designer makes a sketch to fix the idea at the basis of the new creation. Thereafter the model building requires a great experience in technique and style. After a prototype of the whole piece and of its parts has been made, the production can start. Rubber moulds are used to make wax reproductions from which the metal objects originate at the end of the lost wax casting.

Such unfinished gold pieces are given to the goldsmiths to be refined and assembled. Now the stones can be set with the help of a burin. In the end the polishing and rhodium plating make the jewel sparkling and ready for wearing.