Creating every day without ever stopping and looking for the beauty of simple things. This is the concept that has been accompanying us for fifty years, as artisans and jewelry producers in Valenza, at the heart of the Italian luxury jewelry district in the hills of Piedmont.

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Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings

Handcrafted and tailored for every wedding

How many types of wedding bands do you know? Our rings in white, yellow and rose gold dedicated to marriage and feelings are so many, all made by hand and customizable.

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Gold jewelry with diamonds and precious gems


Imagine taking a wonderful journey, walking among flowers and butterflies and looking at the starry night. You will discover the world of our romantic and personalized jewels.

Vie en Rose

Everything looks more beautiful when it is pink! Feminine and romantic, the color of morganite inspires the deepest affections, drives away loneliness and gives hope.

Endless Love

Friendship and love can withstand time and distance, without limits or boundaries. Infinity is the symbol sealing the most precious feelings, those where two lives are linked one to each other.

Star Light

What if diamond become stars? Constellations tell secular myths and stories, all to be discovered, to carry always with you the magic of a starry night.

Enchanted Garden

A corolla of diamonds artfully set recreates the beauty of a blossoming flower, in a magical place where everything shines.


It is said that the movement of a butterfly’s wings can cause a hurricane on the other side of the world. Certainly the flight of this colorful creature and symbol of rebirth and beauty is always surprising.


Silver jewelry that makes you dream. Handcrafted and made in Italy according to our tradition, created to shine.